Home Theatre

Premier Reclining Home Theatre

By Southern Motion

This modular design allows configurations that were unavailable before the Premier group. Now it’s possible to have a single arm in between each seat where before it was necessary to have two. Softly tapered arms are trimmed in French seaming and, of course, include cupholders. The bustle backs and pad-over-chaise seats share automotive inspired stitching, giving the style extra ‘Pop.’ The backs have an exposed top rail which is like the icing on a cake. Be sure to add the optional power adjustable headrest for a whole new dimension of personalizing your comfort. The number of configurations is mind blowing as is the comfort in each chair of the Premier. Enjoy!

Price as shown $2,250

108w/ 40d / 41h

Tango Reclining Home Theatre

By Southern Motion

Dual pillowed back cushioning, tailored padded armrests, dual cup holders, chaise ottoman and detail stitching accentuating the remarkable framing details of “Tango”, ¬†make this reclining entertainment article a perfect fit for home theatre or reclined living applications. Ergonomically designed for premium comfort, “Tango” features infinite reclining positions, a full lay-out position for sleeping, and a layer of memory foam in its seat cushioning construction bringing the benefits of memory foam technology into reclining comfort. Whether rallying for the game, enjoying a movie with the family, or taking a power nap, choose Tango!

Price as shown $1269 

89w / 41d / 41h

Excel Reclining Home Theatre

By Southern Motion

The extra-wide seat of the Excel provides ample room for relaxing with your fur baby or reading a book with your children. Its crisp arm is accentuated with an upholstered panel recessed backward in a dramatic manner designed to separate this style from its competitors. The arms are topped with sleek poly-foam pads which provide ample comfort on such a clean, well-executed upholstered frame. Arguably the most intricate back cushion, a horizontal partition is creatively placed in the middle of the kidney back to stabilize the upholstery for optimum comfort. Combine multiple chairs with a couple of 22 degree wedge consoles, with hidden cupholders and storage, for a unique Home Theater configuration!

Price as shown $2,409

165w / 38d / 40h