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  • from $296.70

    Therapedic Foundation

    This foundation is available in 4" or 9" please specify size. king foundation come as a pair.

    from $296.70
  • from $457.70

    Therepedic heavy duty foundation

    The latex mattresses require heave duty support foundations these are designed for the Everglades, Sequoia and the Arcadia mattress.

    from $457.70
  • from $710.70

    Montego Bay Firm Therapedic Mattress

    The Montego Bay firm mattress features a foam encased 504 alternating coil unit. (coil count is based on a queen size mattress). Use our comfort ch...

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    from $710.70
  • from $825.70

    Montego Bay Euro Top Therapedic Mattress

    The Montego bay euro top mattress has the same 504 coil count in Queen size just like  the firm model does, but it also has additional comfort laye...

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    from $825.70
  • from $940.70

    Medley Therapedic Mattress

    The Medley mattress collection features a 660 active edge wrapped coil unit, this is a firm mattress, with a poly foam comfort quilt.

    from $940.70
  • from $1,055.70

    Prelude Firm Therapedic Mattress

    The prelude firm mattress is a upgrade from the medley in that it has a upgrade 789 coil count active edge pocketed coil unit, it has a slightly fi...

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    from $1,055.70
  • from $1,170.70

    Prelude Euro Top Plush Therapedic Mattress

    The prelude euro top plush mattress features the same 789 coil count active edge pocketed coil unit as the firm prelude, but were it differs is the...

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    from $1,170.70
  • from $1,331.70

    Lily Firm Therapedic Mattress

    The Lily firm is a two sided flappable mattress, which have become near impossible to find these days, both sides offer a sleeping surface. This ma...

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    from $1,331.70
  • from $1,607.70

    Orchid Firm Therapedic Mattresses

    The orchid firm is another two sided mattress, however this is a extra firm mattress in fact it is one of our firmest it also features a 789 coil c...

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    from $1,607.70
  • from $1,607.70

    Orchid Plush Therapedic Mattress

    The orchid plus is a plush comfort mattress featuring a cool gel quilt with a additional plush poly foam quilt and a super soft foam comfort layer ...

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    from $1,607.70
  • from $5,655.70

    Therapedic pure latex rubber Everglades mattresses

    The Everglades Pure touch cushion firm latex mattress features 8" of luxurious natural rubber latex. This mattress is priced hundreds of dollars le...

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    from $5,655.70
  • from $7,035.70

    Therapedic pure rubber latex Acadia mattresses

    The Acadia Pure Touch natural latex mattress features 11" of natural pure rubber latex, this is a luxury firm mattress, and just like the Everglade...

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    from $7,035.70
  • from $7,035.70

    Therapedic pure latex rubber Sequoia mattresses

    The Sequoia luxury plush mattress is the exact same construction of the Acadia, the only change is the firmness of the the latex rubber used. Use o...

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    from $7,035.70